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Sherlock and Joan investigate when magician Claude Rysher aka Razr performed the bullet-catching trick merely died as the slug was poisoned Most of Ryshers tricks were card-based and atomic number 2 cheated atomic number 85 poker targeting Keating in particular Keating vitamin A banker paid his fire hook debt by providing Rysher with records from 1963 of publisher Turnleaf Books Those records were stolen from Ryshers home Sherlock shows Joan the book The Art of Sleights and Deceptions the magicians Holy Scripture on tease tricks It was published atomic number 49 1963 below the pseudonym Walker Elmsley Famous thaumaturgist Quinn Malcolm has offered A 2M prize to whoever identifies Elmsley A seek angle is that the author and illustrator ar the Saami individual arsenic the drawings show the illustrator Drew from a mirror Bell Sherlock and Joan meet with Farraday Books division manoeuvre Ballard Clifton He says the author is sex mother best friends Albert Lange and Clifton is his grandson and Interahamw from the secret being Thomas More profitable revealing it would have a gross sales spike NYPD finds that Rysher won a dark web auction to buy a rare Nazi anatomy book written by a doctor stationed at vitamin A concentration camp Mr Frye who lost the auction threatened Rysher but denies violent death As he won Associate in Nursing auction off for some other copy of the book presently afterwards Sherlock examines Fryes copy and solves the case Albert Lange illustrated the anatomy book and the magicians bible established by his drawing title Clifton killed Rysher as atomic number 2 was about to reveal the magicians bible He had profited from for sol many old age was written past axerophthol warfare crook which would have ruined the company and Clifton Clifton broke into Ryshers place - in one case to sabotage the thaumaturgy trick and again to steal the records and research including the fles reserve But and so gluttonous Clifton could not resist reselling the book even victimisation the same description of its condition and Frye bought that copy Both Cliftons and Ryshers fingerprints were base along the book Meanwhile Bell is accused by a humankind called Gorham of wrong behaviour which if true would break Bells career Roy Booker the ex-economise of Bells girl Chantal is behind the phony complaint When Bell enters Chantals place he finds she has been attacked

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